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Unlock your Saber with Electrum Unity

Introducing the Electrum Unity App. The universe's first Smart Saber technology. The ultimate control of your Smart Saber is just a swipe away.

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The Electrum Unity App is not just an app, it's a key to unlock the full potential of your Electrum Smart Saber. Customizing motions, colors, sounds and much more becomes so simple a Padawan could do it. Available on iOS® and Android™. Available exclusively on Electrum Diatium² Saber Core Systems since 2016.

Electrum Unity App Sounds

Unity Colors
Full Blade Color & Effects Control

The Electrum Unity App gives you complete control over 12 color profiles on your Smart Saber, including color, flicker, pulse, brightness and a dedicated clash color with settings for duration. With full red, green, blue and white LED colors, the combinations are endless!

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Electrum Unity App Sounds

Unity Sounds
Premium Sound Control

Configure up to 8 custom sound profiles on your Smart Saber. With the Electrum Unity App you can preview sounds directly on your Smart Saber, disable effects, or combine sounds in any way you want to make your own custom sound profile.

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Electrum Unity App Motions

Unity Motions
True Motion Control

With the Electrum Unity App, configuring your motions is quick and easy. Preview settings as you change them in real time. The Electrum Unity App offers a diverse range of fine tuning features that allows you to configure your Smart Saber to match your every move and style.

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Electrum Unity App Profiles

Unity Sounds
Custom User Profiles

Easily swap between your favourite settings with the Electrum Unity App. Save custom color, sound, and motion settings to a single profile and easily swap between them. Endless profiles can be added for unlimited combinations, for multiple people or just yourself.

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