Torrent Saber

Torrent Smart Saber

Configure Your Dream App Compatible Saber

Current Lead Time 2-3 Weeks


The Torrent is a fully duel capable saber, featuring a tapered brushed grip that narrows to an astoundingly small 1.1" diameter, and features multiple subtle curves and choke points. Evoking the power and beauty of the waves, the Torrent is a ferocious and swift blade that is suited to one or two handed duelists. The saber comes in multiple color configurations to suit its wielder.

This Saber comes with our Premium RGBW LED and premium sound setup, a standard built into all of our products. The Torrent also has Bluetooth integration, allowing its owner to remotely program multiple settings via our mobile app, including motions, colors, sounds, switch settings, programmable gestures and more.


  • Electrum Unity App connectivity
  • Includes Diatium² Core Saber System
  • Complete App based saber customization:
    • Blade color settings. Endless color selection
    • Clash effects, timing, color and hard or soft clashes
    • Flicker effects, timing, color
    • Programmable capacitive touch switch options
    • Motion capture for customized sounds
    • Choose and switch sounds on the fly
    • save multiple user profiles
  • Over 400 lumen RGB and W LED
  • Premium 16bit sound with up to 300 sounds storage capability
  • Full volume settings
  • Battery life indication
  • In-hilt recharge
  • Robust shock absorbing chassis materials
  • True motion settings featuring Motion Capture technology
  • Selectable Auto Lockup
  • 3000mAH Battery capacity with Deep Sleep mode

Sounds by Lord Blako Demo Playlist

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